Wednesday, April 28, 2010

PhotobucketSo I was reading the March 2010 Grazia and I came across this amazing dress, It did actually remind of Lady Gaga, but it is hard to get her out of your mind when your sister will not stop playing her songs over and over again all though the day and night, and she wonders why I am tired all the time?
It is a shame that I already have my prom dress, but I wouldn't trade that in for a day with Taylor Swift, well maybe I would but she is just too brilliant.
I normally don't go on for dresses, sometimes for shoes, but I may start to now.
I then came to the pages 'The Grazia Interview,' I didn't recognize who it was at first, but then it said 'Ex-model Karen Gillan' and I remembered it's the girl from Doctor Who. I love Doctor Who soooooo much, and some don't like the new Doctor Who, Matt Smith, but in my opinion he is just as funny and gorgeous as David Tennant.

The latest episode has to be my favourite, 'The Weeping Angels' just saying it out loud gives me the shivers, It's like a family tradition now. On a Saturday night all of my family sit down at 6:25 to watch Doctor Who; eat home made curry, made by me and my mum, and we open the only fizzy drink bottle I can have in one week. Having braces means I can't do alot of things.

I love the shoes she is wearing, Alexander McQueen was amazing, no Genius. They look so hard to walk in, but they match the dress perfectly and make her look so tall. I just wish I could walk in heels!


  1. oh yeah those heels are intense!

  2. o my god your heels are awesome!! i love it