Monday, October 10, 2011

Well, my friend Maddison needed me to take some images for her for her art. So I got my models, Emily and Caroline, and we hit the road with my Doc Matins in hand, Speaking of Doc Martin is on TV tonight, anyway so here are the images.
They are taking mostly in the dark, so not my best work, in a woods where I normally walk my dog called Ceasar's Camp. I first wanted to go there as there is a massive hill there and I thought we could see the sun set, but we missed that and I couldn't make it up the hill anyway.
In other news, I have now been a vegan for exactly five months. People says the first five months is the hardest, i totally just made that up, it is alot eaiser than I thought it would be, I have to thank my sister for that though, as she shows me ho to make amazing vegan meals and how much healther I could be. I am now more fitter, my illness has been cured and I am slowly but surely saving the world in my own way.


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