Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Air Show Continued

So I wanted to put up some more images that I took when I was at the airshow, as I only put up the ones of the red arrows, which are my favourite planes that show in the airshow, but I did take some other ones that I like. I also noticed that the three images I picked out perfectly showed the day, in terms of weather. Starting out grey and typical british weather, then cloudy and finally sunny with blue sky.

I love the first image, as the composition is great and the trick they performed is called the 'cork screw,' which was amazing to watch and I caught it at the precise moment that it showed perfectly what they were doing and shows all the planes in the final shot.
The final image also depicts the Valkrie (Hope I spelt that right.) Which has a lovely history, and I was lucky to listen to the air show radio while watching the planes outside the air port, which explains some of its history and said for the third time that it would be last time this plane was shown in the airshow as it's a very old plane.

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